3 Reasons Why Trying to be Better Than Everyone Else Has a Guaranteed 100% Failure Rate (Opinion by a Confidence Coach)

Christine McDonald
3 min readMay 23, 2022
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The Question crossed my path: “How Can I Be Better Than Everyone Else?”

I spend an entire day on this — what I call the “Everybody Else Syndrome” — during my Clearly Confident Workshop. Here’s a SUPER abridged version of the concept.

Reason #1 — The Short (but deeper) Answer Is:

There’s more to why you feel this way.

Rather than trying to be better than everyone else, why not take some time to get more deeply acquainted with who you are and the unique skill set, talents and desires you personally possess.

I’ll venture a guess you’ll probably enjoy being a better you more so than trying to be better than everyone else.

Reason #2 — The Humorous Answer Is:

You can’t.


There’s too many of them and they multiply daily.

There is a guaranteed 100% failure rate trying to be better than everyone else.

Reason # 3 — The Long Answer Is:

The moment you stop trying to be better than everyone else is the moment you will be better than everyone else.

“Everyone Else” is trying to disprove, one-up, outdo everyone else. Time, effort and often money, is wasted on the pursuit.

The result?

· Failure (not accomplishing becoming better than everyone else)

· Success (becoming better than everyone else)

· Emptiness (not experiencing the feelings you thought you would after becoming better than [your version of] everyone else)

To expand a little on “The Humorous Answer” above:

There’s too many everyones to be better than. Take a look at the world around you. There’s a lot of people out there.

Ask Yourself:

· Who is “Everyone Else”?

· Why do I feel I need to be better than them?



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