4 “Simple” Steps to Create the Success You Want

It’s so simple it’s easy to ignore

Christine McDonald


Green grass with water droplets questions whether the grass is always greener in the other guy’s yard
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

“The grass is always greener in the other guy’s yard.”

We use the phrase as a companion to comfort us when we feel others’ lives or accomplishments are better than ours or more easily obtained.

“Woe is me” — it justifies our complaints.

Grass is hard to grow. How did another’s get so green?

It’s simple. So simple we easily ignore it.

Your neighbor tended to it more. Nurtured and cared for it consistently. He started with what he had — soil, seed, sunlight, shade, watering conditions — and he grew his greener lawn from there.

Success is hard to achieve. How did another’s get so green?

They tended to it more.

Imagine if you did the same with who you are. Nurtured, cared for and grew into your greener self from where you are.

Sometimes the conditions we’re working with — our soil, our seed, and our ability to nurture into growth — often feel like nothing special to us because we are used to our conditions. But God didn’t create “nothing special”. Everything and everyone is something special.

Plant your seed of success today. Start small. Achievement is a motivator.

4 Simple Steps to Create the Success You Want:

  1. Choose your seed (ideas, dreams, talents, skills)
  2. Plant it in the soil (take an action step toward achievement)
  3. Nurture it daily (do whatever needs to be done each day). This is often where most get lazy. But you’ll get nowhere without it.
  4. Grow (succeed) Be patient. Lush lawns don’t grow overnight.

Life’s like a lawn — you must tend to it for it to grown green and lush.

I invite you to share with me in comments what you’re working at, what step you’re at or what step you might be stuck on.

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Christine McDonald

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