8 Simple Ways to Regain Motivation

Christine McDonald
4 min readSep 18, 2023

Tried and true practices to rejuvenate motivation when life zaps it out of you

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Staying motivated is not always easy.

You can read, believe and practice all the positive mindset exercises available. If you’re a realist, you know life can throw punches that knock the motivation right out of you.

Not everyone — actually, no one, if we’re being honest — can stay consistently motivated. I don’t care what type of guru one claims to be or enlightenment one claims to have reached. Life gets in the way of positivity and can affect motivation in the best of us.

The solution is to have a few tips and tricks to get you through those times.

Recently during a very serious crisis I struggled to stay focused, positive and motivated. And believe me, those three skills are my strong points. But I’m human and life can adversely affect each one of us, as it did me.

The experience got me thinking. How do I — how did I get my motivation back?

8 Practical Ways to Regain Your Motivation

  1. Get Physical — this might seem simple and it is. So simple you may dismiss it, feeling like you need to work harder than simply physically moving to regain motivation. Try it. Just move. Go out for a 10-minute walk. If for whatever reason you can’t get out to walk, turn on an upbeat, positive song and dance to it. Just dance, freestyle it, no one’s looking. You will be amazed at how each of these can make you feel mentally invigorated again.
  2. 10-Minute Solitude: Sit in the dark, eyes open. Just stare into space and breathe. Listen to the thoughts that cross your mind. Don’t do anything with them. Just acknowledge them in your mind. If the light of day is upon you when you do this, just close your eyes for the 10 minutes. The point is to just be quiet, have no visual distractions, breathe, relax and receive calmness, clarity and ideas. Have some fun and try this daily for a week.
  3. Read Something Motivational or Inspirational: There’s no shortage of blogs or books sharing stories of inspiration and motivation…



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