Life is a game of fulfilling your soul by passing the torch of inspiration on. To win, you must play from a place of confidence not dependency.

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Fulfillment (noun): Oxford Dictionary
the achievement of something desired, promised or predicted; to complete a process

I love to create, do and share things that inspire people to go out and pursue their goals — to stop worrying about what others think of their dreams or think of them abandoning their dreams, should they decide to do so once they begin pursuing them — to just keep dreaming, pursuing, sharing, caring and making…

They’re in the spiritual cloud — but your app (mind) has to be open

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There’s probably at least a million times during the course of our day where we ponder a question in our mind or ask one out loud. But we don’t often think about where the answers come from. They show up. And that’s that.

I had spent some time cleaning up my blog at my writing website. Most of the posts consisted of topics related to “writing”, “life as a writer” and “book reviews”.

But then there’s all those other miscellaneous things that beg a writer’s attention…

Writers are a resilient bunch of screwballs. We don’t give up. Eva.

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The advent of blogs was an incredible asset to the world of writing and writers themselves. Whether it was a place to highlight your hobby of voicing your opinion of movies, sharing stories that have been begging to be told, or create a professional online magazine like HuffPost, blogging made the writing, publishing, reading and sharing world so much easier and enjoyable.

But there were a few “categories” — pun intended — of this new art form that stifled creativity. Here’s an inspirational story of a writer (me)…

It’s a life-changing experience — literally and metaphorically

It began as a literal experience . . .

She was 17, a delightfully joyous young lady, a friend of the family. As I prepared the evening’s meal it was an honor to set a place for her at the table.

Then the truth came.

As she eyed the evening’s culinary creation she hesitantly confessed — in an almost subtle voice of repentance for what I could tell she felt was a disrespectful reply to a dinner invite — “um . . . I don’t like scallops.”

“No problem,” I assured her…

Send the Message. Regret’s too heavy to be buried with.

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Many years ago I came upon a greeting card with a picture of a person glancing at a mailbox in passing. The caption read “I thought of you today as I passed this mailbox.”

Inside it confessed, “I never noticed the resemblance.”

I never forgot that card. And to this day, any time I see a mailbox I think of someone I could be keeping in touch with, someone I should be keeping in touch with, someone I would like to be keeping in touch with.

So, this is for…

What exactly does living spiritually mean and how do you do it?

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You GOLF — Spiritual Golf - a spiritual game that will change your life.

Imagine waking up daily super excited to start your day. Knowing there is something guiding your every step and providing your every need. Giddy almost with the idea of the unknown element of surprise leaving you awestruck with how to navigate life successfully rather than dragging your weary self through another day of the human rat race.

It is possible. …

Could 3 simple words really be the survival plan?

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The whole experience got me thinking, if a client came to me rattled and shattered by similar circumstances in their life, what would I do to guide them through it?

The answer came in the form of three words most of us have heard in elementary school from the fire marshal.

Stop. Drop. Roll.

But First, What Happened?

Once upon a time I finally made the jump to Medium, to creating my profile, my page and a commitment to the “privilege” of writing for and getting to know Medium’s audience — the writers and the…

I’ve followed intuition more often and found a much better success rate

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Whether you’re working on a personal or professional pursuit, there is a plethora of prescribed ways of doing things promising success.

It can be confusing and exhausting and in the end quite discouraging if we followed these suggestions and weren’t able to succeed at what we were trying to accomplish.

Now, I’m not referring to the wise suggestion of learning from others who have succeeded at what you’re trying to do. That’s a very smart start to take. I’m referring more to the suggestion of what’s commonly called…

Christine McDonald

Writer, Podcaster, Millennial Life & Confidence Coach.

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