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Life poses many questions. We spend much of it searching for answers. We try this and that, again and again. Then with disconnect and un-success we continue searching, over and over again.

Yet there at the center of our being is our heart, constantly emitting a vibrational confirmation as to whether what we’re doing, pursuing and choosing is correct.

Oftentimes we don’t trust “that feeling”. We brush it off assuming it’s our own foolish frivolity.

Yet if we would adopt the concept that this heart-felt feeling is a way our inner voice guides us then we can begin to move forward in our personal practice of acknowledging it and understanding its message.

Living from the heart is the most natural confirmation we have. Guidance is unique to each of us. Check in with it next time you have a question.

It takes faith.

I see so much more than a high school coming-of-age rom-com

Written by Vince Marcello and Jay Arnold — based on The Kissing Booth by Beth Reekles — Official Release Poster

I settled in with excited anticipation. Kissing Booth 3 — the Final Episode. There was so much at stake for each of the characters.

If you’re unfamiliar with the series, it’s a three-part high school coming-of-age rom-com based on…

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You’re at the bar, you place your order. The bartender asks “how do you take that?”.

Neat, straight up, or on the rocks.

At the Bar:

Neat — served no ice, no mixing or mixers — in a specific glass.

Straight up — served chilled, shaken and strained into a glass.

On the rocks — served over ice.

Circumstance and desire dictate.

In Life:

Neat — un-embellished pure enjoyment.

Straight up — embellished, filtered, quickly enjoyed before appeal is lost.

On the rocks — enhanced and slowly enjoyed.

Circumstance and desire dictate.

The Analogy:

Neat — raw.

Straight up — slightly enhanced.

On the rocks — embellished lingering enjoyment.

Neither are permanently fixed. A day at the bar or a day in life — circumstance and desire dictate how we take it.

A quenchingly quirky analogy.

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I don’t dismiss motivational speaker Jim Rohn’s philosophy: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. I see it manifest in my life and the lives of others.

The real test of its validity is self-reflection. Your mindset, progress, ambition, etc., are they reflective of who you believe you are — or your 5-tribe?

If we’re honest we’ll see the truth.

However, I believe there are also five personal hobbies we practice whose influence reflects who we are.

1. music you listen to

2. books you read

3. shows you watch

4. advice you seek

5. subjects you study

We can learn much about ourselves by honestly observing our people and hobbies.

The silver lining is neither defines who we BECOME. We always have the choice to change what’s shaping our lives.

Christine McDonald

Writer, Podcaster, Millennial Life & Confidence Coach.

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