A Dream Confirmation through Music

Intuitive Tales: stories of intervention from another dimension

Christine McDonald
4 min readFeb 26, 2024
Dark silhouette of woman holding a moon lamp with two hands illuminating her face — a faded ocean in the background. This is the cover photo for the Intuitive Tales series by Christine McDonald
Photo by Drew Tilk on Unsplash — Image edited in Paint 3D

You can probably dream (envision) the impossible dream. Can you believe it’s attainable though?

What if the dream (vision) kept repeating in your mind? What if signs of it kept showing up in your day?

What if . . . you were intuitively reminded you can or it was intuitively suggested you should, that this dream’s a keeper. Would you then believe?

Sometimes even the best of us needs a reminder.

Divine Deejay Delivers an Intuitive Message

I set out to share a different story than what you’re reading.

Then realized a song was playing in my head. That’s not unusual. Music is one of the ways that God uses to intuitively communicate with me. I’m used to it. I refer to it as my Divine Deejay.

But being a music junkie, I also tend to kind of just listen to the song playing in my head. It’s usually not until I realize the song’s been on repeat that it dawns on me, it’s a message.

Then I really tune in — what’s that song playing repeatedly in my head? I’ll wonder.



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