Can You MANIFEST if You’re Not a Virgo or Chosen One?

What it takes to manifest — do you have it?

Christine McDonald
4 min readFeb 25, 2024
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The Art of Manifestation is not reserved for the holy chosen, spiritually enlightened or just Virgos.

Your thoughts and intentions put into motion the power of manifestation. They are the seed of desire (planted). Your emotions (feelings) energize your thoughts. Your actions manifest (bring into reality) your intentions (desire).

Everyone can do that.

You are doing that right now.

Virgos are Not Specially Endowed Manifestors — But . . .

Some of the things that Virgo rules is health and the daily grind — daily work and daily habits. By nature, Virgos plan and do the work. They refine, analyze and keep doing the work . . . until they have achieved their desired result (manifest).

In order to manifest anything, you must do the physical work to bring all your desires into reality.

Virgo just loves the whole process so they usually manifest well.

Virgos can also procrastinate with precision — so be careful Virgos. Procrastination can lead to stagnation which breeds dis-ease.

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