Epiphany is The Waze to Arrive at Your Destination

Christine McDonald
2 min readJan 6, 2023
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

If you’re in search of a deeper, more spiritual meaning to life, the Epiphany — profound divine realization — invites you to discover The Way is your true Waze to arrive at your soul’s destination.

It is written that today, January 6th, the Magi arrived at what they realized was The King. How could that be? Something so small, so fragile, so vulnerable. How could that baby lying in the manger be so powerfully important in your life?

Well, that is your epiphany.

May you, too, realize He, that tiny baby, is The King. He came with a purpose — to save you from your sinful self. You came with a purpose — to find your spiritual road back Home to Him, to eternal salvation. That is your life’s purpose. That is your salvation. That is your epiphany.

Reflect on that baby lying in your manger (that I just know you didn’t put away yet. I mean, how could you, January 6th is the day of Epiphany, your day to reflect on the realization of Christ’s birth. You’ve celebrated the Holiday — but have you, do you celebrate the Holy Day. They are not the same)

Take a quiet moment to reflect on that baby in the manger. He is your road to riches. You have much to learn on your life’s journey to him. He is your GPS. He is your AAA to call on in those moments when you will break down in life. He is your destination.

If you’ve veered off course — been distracted and attracted to something more…



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