Gassho — A Guru Practice Bringing You Clarity, Calmness, Confidence & Success

Christine McDonald
4 min readJun 14, 2022
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Practicing gassho is a liberating reminder of your true capabilities.

But what is it?

Gassho is a commonly practiced ritual, the depth of which may not necessarily be understood by all who perform it.

Simply put, gassho is the simple, seemingly unaffecting act of bringing your two hands together in what is called the prayer or Namaste position.

In truth, it is powerfully so much more.

  • Simple because you are simply joining your hands together. Something many do quite often and often with unintentional disregard.
  • Seemingly unaffecting because on the surface, placing your two hands together in this prayer position doesn’t seem to be doing anything other than alerting observers you are in prayer mode.
  • Powerfully so much more because the practice is really about acknowledging and reminding yourself of spiritual essence in everything and paying respect to it.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on within the space between your two joined hands.

What Is Gassho?

Gassho is the physical act of bringing your two hands together. Symbolically joining the left with the right, the spirit with the physical, the creative with the analytical.

What Does Gassho Mean

Gassho means “to place two palms together”.

What Are You Doing When You “Do Gassho”

When you “do gassho” or bring your palms together, you are acknowledging and showing respect that you are not separate from spirit; that everything around you is of the same spirit; sameness, oneness.

In many Japanese practices gassho is done in greeting someone. In that sense you are humbling your ego to the reminder that the same spirit is within each of you. You are showing respect or honor to the spirit of the person that is in front of you.

When you deeply understand or reflect on the message behind this simple act of gassho, you should find the knowledge and the practice to:

  • Humble you



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