Life: An Audition for the Afterlife

🧠 Brain Brew — Inspiration to Get Your Noggin’ Joggin’ ☕️

White coffee cup with black smiley wink face with red tongue sticking out — representing Brain Brew, Inspiration to Get Your Noggin’ Joggin’, writing by Christine McDonald, writer and spiritual lifestyle coach.
Photo by Rainier Ridao on Unsplash — Edited in Paint 3D

Did you ever wonder:

What if life were an audition for our entry into eternity?

What if:

· Everything we do, think, say and share is Divinely observed?

· Every talent we’ve been given is Divinely assessed as to whether we used it, offered it to the world in service to assist mankind?

· Every hardship we experience is but a test of our faith?

Would you get a part in the eternal afterlife?

Take a moment to wonder:

How’s my audition going? — because
this ain’t no dress rehearsal.



Christine McDonald

Spiritual Confidence Coach | Lifestyle Writer | Podcaster. Helping Emerging Adults & Millennials live more spiritually guided lives.