I’m a Millennial Mom and I Approve This Generation

Photo by Ian Noble on Unsplash

I’m a Millennial Mom. It says so on my website. Then one day I questioned that status as I was reading something written by a millennial who said they were a millennial mom.


Wait. We can’t both be millennial moms. One of us has this all wrong.

See, I’m not a millennial that’s a mom, I’m a mom of millennials.

It seemed like a bit of a sticky situation to be in.

Let’s Investigate this Sticky Situation

I got all 007 about it, went into investigation mode and analyzed the situation. I thought of all those stickers I see that say things like “Dog Mom” or “Soccer Mom” or “Whatever Mom”, which means the person with the sticker is a mom of a dog or a soccer player or whatever the sticker says.

Case closed.

I am a mom of millennials so that makes me a Millennial Mom. (Thank God because I really hate editing web pages)

What That Really Means Is

However, what that really means is . . .

Wait. Are you sitting down?

I’m a Boomer.


It’s out there.

Phew! Yay!

I pride myself on honesty so let’s build our relationship from that.

Really, can we please get along? I don’t understand the tension.

Seriously, if we listened to everything in the media then we’d be sold on the premise that:

  • Boomers and millennials don’t get along;
  • Boomers find millennials selfish and entitled and all those other horrible titles millennials have endured. (Who thinks this crap up anyway?); and
  • Boomers feel millennials are terrible employees.

There’s more (complaints) where those came from. You get the point, right? If you’re a millennial I’m sure you’ve heard them all. That’s a terrible rap sheet to have pinned on a generation as they were just coming out of the starting gate.

I Really LOVE Millennials

Here’s the thing, I don’t agree with these “millennial categorizations” . . . except maybe the one about anxiety. I do see a lot of that. But really, maybe if the world stops beating them up they wouldn’t be so anxious.

But no, I simply don’t agree with it. And it’s not just because I’m a millennial mom. It’s because I always saw the millennial generation as:

  • openly curious;
  • wanting to step outside the box (critics call that rebellious, I guess); and
  • innovative.

A curiously confusing and funny fact is, with the exception of maybe a few late-aged “Gen Xers”, Boomers are parents of millennials. So are we trying to sell the notion that Boomers have these ill feelings about their offspring?

I don’t see it. I mean, I have two millennial sons. I’ve been surrounded by millennials for 30+ years and their Boomer parents (my friends). I have no recall whatsoever of any of us feeling like our offspring were all these things they are being labeled.

Here’s another thing. I never looked upon by sons and all their friends as millennials. They were people. Individuals. I didn’t see race, religion, political status, sexual preferences or any other “category” humans are placed into. I just saw people. People who would navigate life experiencing a myriad of emotions and scrapping their toddler and adult knees.

My job, my responsibility, my honor, was to steer them to discovering who they are, their strengths and weaknesses, love, respect, faith and knowing that life won’t always happen the way they want. Things won’t always be accomplished when they want. That the goal is to never give up on themselves or their dreams. They could certainly change their mind about the pursuit of a goal, they could totally abandon a goal. None of those choices were wrong.

My Parental and Professional Advice to Millennials

Ignore the critics. Focus on being yourself and surrounding yourself with supportive people. Dream big, make mistakes, learn, laugh at yourself, enjoy your journey, repeat daily.

I’m a Millennial Mom and I approve this generation.

Maybe I should have stickers made.

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