3 Steps to Get from Desire to Destination Using Faith

Faith is Neither Fantasy or Fallacy — It’s Usually the Way You’re Afraid to Go

Christine McDonald
4 min readMar 22, 2024
Man in white tee shirt and black shorts carrying a black back pack walking up a dry, barren hill toward a cross on a hill. The author is using the picture to show that having faith in the way to get somewhere is not always clear, but to follow God’s guidance and you will arrive.
Photo by Daniele Franchi on Unsplash

Faith is not a belief that what YOU want will happen in the way YOU think it should.

Faith is knowing that what you want will happen per God’s plan. And if you follow His plan, He will get you to and through it.

Your true heart’s desire will be brought to you in the perfectly divine way. Understanding where your desires come from helps you trust that process.

You see, your desires don’t come from nowhere.

They are divinely implanted in you, seeds to germinate and grow, so that you grow. And because they’ve been divinely planted, the seeds’ provider, God, knows how that seed (desire) needs to be nurtured (the way) in order to harvest (reach its destination/manifest).

Faith is trusting that God’s guided way is The Way to bring your heart’s desire into



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