The Red Carpet Turns Black

🧠 Brain Brew — Inspiration to Get Your Noggin’ Joggin’ ☕️

White coffee cup with black smiley wink face with red tongue sticking out — representing Brain Brew, Inspiration to Get Your Noggin’ Joggin’, writing by Christine McDonald, writer and spiritual lifestyle coach.
Photo by Rainier Ridao on Unsplash — Edited in Paint 3D

In the end, the red carpet turns black. A tunnel. Where you’re metaphorically stripped of all earthly possessions, giving your soul a chance to shine its light, illuminating your way to the other side — Home.

How dark your tunnel depends on how materialism controlled you.

How bright your light depends on how Spirit guided you.

This does not mean to not enjoy earthly possessions. It means to be sure they don’t possess you.



Christine McDonald

Spiritual Confidence Coach | Lifestyle Writer | Podcaster. Helping Emerging Adults & Millennials live more spiritually guided lives.