What is GODfidence?

Christine McDonald
4 min readMar 2, 2022

Belief in The ONE Self — so much more empowering than trying to believe in oneself

Photo of “Place of Light” — Monomoscoy Island, Mashpee, MA — meme by Christine McDonald

Confidence is important. The struggle for it is real.

And the struggle is real because we humans try to go it alone. We actually believe we can accomplish things all by ourselves. And there may be times it seems we do accomplish things all by ourselves. But I guarantee you, even beneath the most belligerent of man lies a force, a source that subconsciously guides that person.

GODfidence: believing in The ONE Self through whom all things are possible. From whom you were created. With whom you can succeed. And by whom you will be deleted.

Why on earth would you choose to struggle when the Source of success is within you waiting to be tapped like an app and guide you along your highway to your destination.

Confidence-Building by Oneself is Exhausting and Unsustainable

You can affirm all you want. You can keep a positive mindset. You can convince yourself “you got this”. You can recall past positive experiences. You can do whatever it takes to get through a specific situation.

Those exercises work. But they’re exhausting to have to constantly repeat. And their benefit is short lived.

There’s gotta be a better way. There’s just got to be a better way.

“If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans” — Van Zant

There is a better way. It’s actually quite natural. Easily accessible. Knows EVERYTHING. And is completely sustainable.

GODfidence-Building is The Better and More Sustainable Way

Ditch trying to achieve confidence on your own. Shift your focus to digging deep and uncovering your spiritual roots. It is there that you will find the True Source of consistent confidence. It is there that you will discover your sustainable source of guidance and success.

CONFIDENCE: belief in oneself
GODfidence: belief in The ONE Self

The difference between confidence and GODfidence is one is a struggle and ONE is your Source.

You’ve Got to Return to Your Spiritual Roots



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