Why Positive Affirmations May Not be Working for You

Christine McDonald
5 min readMay 24, 2022
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You’ve taken the plunge into the practice of positive affirmations but nothing seems to be changing for you.

What’s up with that?

Is it just a bunch of hocus-pocus, mumbo jumbo?

Don’t abandon your mala beads just yet. Positive affirmations do work in a very profound way. So let’s take a look at what could be going on in your practice that could be keeping you from its benefits.

What Are Positive Affirmations

Let’s grab a quick micro refresher on positive affirmations.

Reciting positive affirmations is the practice of creating and repeating a phrase aloud or silently to help you consciously stay focused on something you are trying to achieve or overcome.

The mind is a very active organ. It’s got a lot of territory to take care of so there’s no question it is off and running without your permission. When we’re trying to accomplish something or perhaps overcome something, for some reason the human default seems to be worry and analyze. And so your mind starts bringing to your attention all sorts of negative what ifs.

The job of positive affirmations is to slow that mental process down and assist you in staying focused on the positive outcome you’re hoping to achieve.

It sounds pretty simple, right. So why isn’t it working?

What Could Be Going Wrong

An important thing to remember about positive affirmations is that they are not expressions of magic. Rambling an affirmation off without focus and feeling will yield nothing but frustration and disbelief.

Here’s a few things that might be interfering in your positive results:

  • Your attention is not focused on what you’re saying
  • Your affirmation is negative, not positive
  • You don’t believe a word you’re saying
  • You’re expecting immediate results

Let’s Take an Individual Look at Each One of Those:

  • Your attention is not focused on what you’re saying. This is normal in the beginning. Don’t…



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