Why Traditional Confidence-Building Techniques Don’t Work — and What You CAN do to Build Confidence

Implement the key element missing in most techniques to build consistent, sustainable confidence.

Christine McDonald
3 min readMar 6, 2024
Black and white photo of a child’s hand resting in the palm of an adult hand. Photo used by author Christine McDonald to depict building confidence by placing trust in something bigger. The child’s hand resembling mankind, the adult’s hand resembling God.
Photo by Liane Metzler on Unsplash

Traditional confidence-building techniques leave us relying on our minds and our selves — the very things that keep us from feeling confident in the first place.

Shadow work, mantra mumbling, mirror (self) talk — oh my.

Utilize them for what they’re worth. Like any medicine, they’re a temporary antidote for your lack of confidence symptoms.

To develop consistent confidence will take a more powerful antidote — the ONE missing in most confidence-building techniques.

Temporary Fixes Only Work Temporarily

Temporary relief from lack of confidence isn’t necessarily a bad thing — temporarily.

Sometimes you need the temporary antidote to combat the symptoms. So go ahead:

· Face your fear and just dive in and do “it” anyway. You’ll be so proud of yourself. Your confidence will soar — temporarily (situational confidence)

· Recall a time when you succeeded at “it” and that recall will give you the…



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