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“Your shit is a mess”.

Five Empowering Words

Those five words are my favorite movie line takeaways of 2020. The movie, “Definitely Maybe”, is a 2008 rom-com that somehow made the Netflix 2020 playlist. And I’m so glad it caught my scrolling attention because it is a line of epic proportions . . . …

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Sunrise awakening Menauhant Beach, East Falmouth, MA — 1/11/2021 — Photograph by Christine McDonald

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Photo by Ian Noble on Unsplash

I’m a Millennial Mom. It says so on my website. Then one day I questioned that status as I was reading something written by a millennial who said they were a millennial mom.

Let’s Investigate this Sticky Situation

I got all 007 about it, went into investigation mode and analyzed the situation. I thought of all those stickers I see that say things like “Dog Mom” or “Soccer Mom” or “Whatever Mom”, which means the person with the sticker is a mom of a dog or a soccer player or whatever the sticker says. …


Christine McDonald

Writer, Podcaster, Millennial Life & Confidence Coach.

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