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“Your shit is a mess”.

What a line.

How would you feel if someone said that to you? Especially if it was someone you cared deeply about.

It would hurt.

You might get offended.

You might snap back at them in defense of yourself.

You might stare silently at them in shocking disbelief. (I mean, like, how could they!)

Or you might realize that the cold water they threw in your face felt shocking because it’s true. And you might then admit to yourself . . .

My shit is a mess”.

Five Empowering Words

Those five words are my favorite movie line…

I’ve followed intuition more often and found a much better success rate

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Whether you’re working on a personal or professional pursuit, there is a plethora of prescribed ways of doing things promising success.

It can be confusing and exhausting and in the end quite discouraging if we followed these suggestions and weren’t able to succeed at what we were trying to accomplish.

Now, I’m not referring to the wise suggestion of learning from others who have succeeded at what you’re trying to do. That’s a very smart start to take. I’m referring more to the suggestion of what’s commonly called…

Sunrise awakening Menauhant Beach, East Falmouth, MA — 1/11/2021 — Photograph by Christine McDonald

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I’m a Millennial Mom. It says so on my website. Then one day I questioned that status as I was reading something written by a millennial who said they were a millennial mom.


Wait. We can’t both be millennial moms. One of us has this all wrong.

See, I’m not a millennial that’s a mom, I’m a mom of millennials.

It seemed like a bit of a sticky situation to be in.

Let’s Investigate this Sticky Situation

I got all 007 about it, went into investigation mode and analyzed the situation. I thought of all those stickers I see that say things like “Dog…

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